Envizi’s business model and go-to-market strategy is built on partnerships. We recognize that businesses need integrated solutions that combine services, software and hardware to optimize their performance. And that’s what we deliver, together with you.

Our partner ecosystem is made up of diverse independent organizations, including consultants, facilities managers, energy service firms, utilities and technology firms each of whom use Envizi to underpin their innovative, best-in-class solutions.

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Accenture Energy Management As-a-Service provides market-leading energy and carbon consultancy services to professional energy buyers and sustainability managers across Europe and North America. With offices around the world, Accenture customers include national and multinational corporations and public sector organizations.

With more than £3 billion of annual energy contracts under management, Accenture utilizes Envizi to underpin their data management solutions.


AGL is Australia’s leading renewable energy company and Australia’s largest private owner, operator and developer of renewable generation assets. The company offers innovative products and services that help lower energy consumption, reduce carbon footprint and easily meet compliance and management reporting requirements.

AGL has partnered with Envizi to develop AGL Insight and AGL Energy Performance, two software solutions that leverage Envizi’s platform to efficiently measure, manage and monitor energy consumption and carbon emissions.


Buildings Alive is a leading independent provider of resource efficiency information services for buildings encompassing both software and services.  The company was established in 2012 and has clients in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

With the addition of Envizi’s Equipment Fault Detection and SoftMeter technology, Buildings Alive are able to tap into another layer of detailed, building specific information to add another dimension to their analysis of energy performance in buildings.


CBRE is a leading full-service real estate services and investment organization.  A Fortune 500 company with over 70,000 employees, CBRE has a global presence across its 372 offices worldwide.  CBRE offers a range of integrated services to the real estate industry, and has a dedicated energy and sustainability services division.

CBRE utilizes Envizi across their global portfolio to help their clients to minimize their energy costs and optimize their energy and sustainability performance.


Cushman & Wakefield is one of the world’s largest real estate services firms, with a combined total of $5 billion in revenue, 43,000 employees and more than 4.3 billion square feet under management.

Cushman and Wakefield’s specialist environmental services division (Sustainability Solutions) utilizes Envizi across their enterprise clients to deliver a suite of services including environmental data management, performance reporting and analytics, strategy and client advisory as well as engineering and optimization services.


EcoAct is a world-leading provider of carbon and energy management and sustainability services. They partner with their clients to design, build and operate intelligent sustainability solutions to address their business challenges, helping them to compete and prosper in a low-carbon world.

EcoAct leverages Envizi to deliver data management, reporting and optimization services.  Envizi’s technology plays a key role in enabling EcoAct to deliver improved environmental and sustainability outcomes for their clients.


Energetics is a specialist consultancy that draws on more than 30 years’ experience in all aspects of business, energy and carbon management. The company works with clients to develop innovative strategies that manage risk, optimize energy use, reduce carbon emissions and build resilience to a range of market pressures.

Energetics leverages Envizi’s software to help customers reduce energy consumption, buy energy better and take control of their energy information to minimize their energy use and meet sustainability reporting requirements.


Energy Action is a leading energy management consultancy firm and a major player in the Australian energy management market. Energy Action provides services which reduce the impact of rising electricity prices for businesses.

Energy Action’s team leverages Envizi’s software to support delivery of their energy management services for selected clients.


EnergyPrint offers utility data, benchmarking and reporting services to building professionals across the US and Canada.  The company’s team of data analysts work directly with thousands of utility providers to gather, standardize, validate and interpret bill data.

EnergyPrint and Envizi have joined forces to offer mutual customers access to insights derived from the full suite of energy data, from utility billing data right through to equipment level performance data.


HFM is a consultancy company providing practical sustainability solutions to building operators across hospitality, strata, retail, high-rise residential and commercial. HFM provides easy-to-use property maintenance management systems and practical energy and water management advice, together with detailed analysis of individual building operating costs, to achieve sustainable cost reductions.

HFM partners with Envizi to strengthen its suite of property management services with high-quality reporting capabilities and in-depth intelligence on real estate asset performance.


Lee Company is a $225 million mechanical contracting, facilities solutions, and home services organization with over 1,200 employees. The company offers solutions for both home and commercial buildings including facilities such as hospitals, universities and sports venues.

Lee Company service professionals utilize Envizi’s real-time equipment monitoring and automation fault detection capabilities to adopt a data driven approach to HVAC maintenance at their customer’s facilities.  This approach delivers greater responsiveness, reduces comfort complaints and improves the performance and reliability of HVAC equipment.


LEMS Energy Management advises and implements demand-side management, energy-efficiency and power-continuity solutions in South Africa. The company helps clients reduce energy consumption and ensure continued power availability across the industrial, commercial, residential and services sectors.

LEMS Energy Management partners with Envizi to provide energy and carbon measurement software to its clients.


Nube iO is an IoT system provider.  The Nube iO team have drawn on their deep domain knowledge of system integration to develop a suite of hardware and software to facilitate condition monitoring and control within the built environment.  Their focus is on low-cost data extraction.

Together, Envizi and Nube iO offer a solution which provides data capture, analysis and equipment control for smaller buildings and occupied spaces. Previously, this solution was unattainable and not economic for small to medium sized buildings.


Todae Solar is Australia’s #1 commercial solar installer. As a multi-award winning installer the company has an impressive client portfolio and an unwavering commitment to quality. Founded in 2003, Todae Solar has installed of 25MW’s of commercial solar power for businesses around Australia.  They offer their clients full turnkey solutions including system design, finance, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Envizi’s Solar Monitoring module has been co-created with industry expertise contributed by Todae Solar.  Envizi harnesses insights captured from solar PV installations.  Clients can assess the financial return on their assets, benchmark asset performance across their portfolio and manage and maintain the performance of installations using Envizi.


Verco is an award winning energy management and sustainability business with 30 years’ experience at the cutting-edge of the low carbon economy. Verco helps companies reduce their environmental impact and save money through data driven analysis, grounded advice and real-world solutions.

Envizi supports Verco’s delivery of highly effective and efficient data collection, reporting and optimisation services to clients with global asset portfolios. These services address ever increasing ESG demands and deliver commercial benefits from more efficient, productive and valuable assets.


WaterGroup is one of Australia’s largest corporate water management companies with over 10 years’ experience. They provide smart, data driven solutions to some of the country’s leading private and public entities to help mitigate risk, improve efficiency and comply with industry best practice. With hundreds of projects, their services have delivered a clear ROI   for their clients.

Envizi harnesses and derives insights from WaterGroup’s metering solutions.  Clients can visualize their water data, produce insights from analytics and utilize WaterGroup’s operations teams to take action based on the insights their data provides.


Wattwatchers is an award-winning, Australian-based energy technology company specializing in monitoring and controlling electricity in real-time through the cloud. Its IoT-for-energy devices and data services have been deployed for energy management, sustainability rating, predictive maintenance and asset performance across many commercial and industrial use cases in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Envizi has developed a cloud-integration with Wattwatchers to provide energy intelligence and data-driven insights and solutions for building owners and operators, utilizing IoT devices and services to unlock granular data streams that were previously inaccessible or cost-prohibitive.

“Envizi is a leading specialist software provider in the energy management market. Our research shows that firms are increasingly prioritising specialist software as both a supplier and an implementation partner. This puts Envizi in a very strong competitive position.”



Through our global partner program, we work with organizations across Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and South Africa. Our robust, customizable software provides the ideal platform for you to rapidly deliver differentiated, scalable and more profitable resource management solutions to your clients. As a market-leader in data and analytics software for real estate and facilities, we are solely focused on developing and supporting you with very best technology platform.


Envizi offers an integrated data and analytics platform that’s tailored to your world. Developed as a modular system, our suite of enterprise software solutions is powerful and relevant because it has been real-world tested and co-created with you


We’re facing market disruptions today that are challenging the old ways of doing business, and presenting entirely new opportunities for how we can do business tomorrow. We’re helping build more sustainable businesses that are fit for the future.


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