IoT use case: Schools

A comfortable indoor environment is essential to enabling an ideal learning environment for your students and staff.

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Envizi provides an Enterprise IoT platform to capture and analyze your indoor air quality, providing actionable insights to optimize the learning environment while lowering your maintenance and energy costs.

Envizi delivers a single, organizational-wide view of your IoT data across sensor, gateway and connectivity types.  The platform is scalable and flexible to adapt and grow with your organization.

Optimize the indoor environment for your students and staff

Building demographics

  • Portfolio of small to medium sized school buildings and facilities
  • Fixed operating hours
  • No centralized oversight or control of plant equipment


  • Limited ability to monitor and control the indoor environment
  • No centralized plant system for heating and cooling
  • Limited on-site resources to monitor and repair equipment


  • 1-2 IoT sensors per classroom deployed to monitor air supply, temperature, air circulation, humidity, occupancy and motion
  • 1-2 gateways per school to receive and transmit sensor data to the cloud
  • Asset Performance Monitoring software module to visualize data and extract insights


  • Comfort set-point too low or high (HVAC working harder than required)
  • Comfort out of range (HVAC not able to achieve comfort conditions)
  • HVAC start time not optimized (comfort conditions being achieved well before occupancy)
  • HVAC discharge temperature fluctuating (cycling between heating and cooling modes)
  • HVAC operating out-of-hours (or when not occupied)
  • Lighting operating out-of-hours (or when not occupied)
  • Refrigerators not set to correct temperature – increasing risk of food spoilage
  • Facility or space occupied out-of-hours


  • A healthier, more comfortable environment to enable better academic success
  • Significant savings realized in labor, energy and equipment costs
  • Reduced reliance on outside contractors to investigate and diagnose issues

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