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The best of Microsoft PowerBI, fully integrated with Envizi

Your business is complex – but enterprise reporting doesn’t have to be.

Create custom reports quickly and cost-effectively to meet the changing ESG and sustainability needs of your business.

Envizi - Power BI - ESG sustainability reporting software

Powerful data visualization & reporting with PowerReport


Get more from your emissions, energy and sustainability data with unprecedented customisability – configure multiple reports in one view, using various formats such as graphs, tables, maps and free text.


Save the cost and complexity of licensing and hosting PowerBI within your own IT infrastructure. PowerReports can be built and live in the same location as your sustainability and energy data.


Keep information secure with row level security. Ensure visualized data is shared only with those who need it, according to your organization’s access permissions and structure.


Enjoy more flexibility to create and share custom reports with simple drag-and-drop capability.

Three delivery models to choose from & endless reporting capabilities


Integrated PowerReports expand what’s possible within Envizi and are included as standard, enabling us to quickly build and release new reports for our existing products – ensuring you stay ahead.


Envizi creates and maintains your reports so you don’t need to. A great option if you’re short on time, resources, or don’t have the in-house expertise within your organization.


Enjoy unprecedented flexibility to DIY, create and share your own custom reports, if you have resources with Power BI skills with your organization.

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Envizi offers a comprehensive software platform to drive sustainability performance management – whether you need to consolidate your data, streamline reporting, identify efficiency opportunities, or inform investment decisions.