Utility Data Management + Analytics

Envizi’s Utility Data Management + Analytics (UDMA) module – part of our Utility Expense Management solution – helps you to take control of your electricity, gas and water billing data by consolidating it into a single system of record. Our powerful analytics engine will identify cost and consumption anomalies, and rank and prioritize remedial action to help you realize cost savings.


  • Identify cost, rate and consumption anomalies associated with data errors, billing issues, operational inefficiencies and tariffs.
  • Identify outliers within a portfolio.
  • Focus on what matters by filtering out noise through normalization.
  • Improve accountability for investigation and resolution of anomalies.
  • Support operational decision-making with root-cause analysis of issues.


  • Dashboards with embedded analytics that identify cost, consumption and rate anomalies and rank them by importance.
  • Normalization for weather to support analysis of identified anomalies.
  • Workflow management tools to track issues through to resolution.
  • Trend analysis to track savings achieved.

Download: Utility Data Management + Analytics Brochure


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