University campus building

$26k energy cost savings identified in first two weeks of operation (first building to go live)

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Building demographics

  • Tridium BMS
  • Distributed air handling systems
  • Centralized water-side plant with thermal storage


  • Not getting value from existing sub metering system
  • Lacked building level and equipment-level energy transparency
  • Difficult to detect and diagnose energy wastage in HVAC systems
  • Wanted to become more proactive

Envizi solution

  • Equipment Fault Detection Module
  • Software metering deployed on 8 x AHU’s, 6 x RAF’s, 2 x Chillers, 2 x Cooling Towers, 5 x Primary & Secondary CHW Pumps, 2 x Condenser Water Pumps, 1 x Boiler, 2 x Heating Hot Water Pumps, 1 x Thermal Storage System

Key insights

  • Supply air pressure set-point not resetting on all AHU’s
  • RAF-2 & 8 operating out of hours
  • Secondary chilled water pumps operating 24 x 7 when not required
  • Shift thermal storage re-charge start time to 10pm (off-peak)


  • Significant energy cost savings realised through low-cost fine tuning measure
  • Demonstrated that SoftMeters can deliver more transparency and value than physical Sub Meters
  • Able to avoid planned CAPEX spending on Sub Metering infrastructure

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