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St Vincent’s transforms its approach to environmental management

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Customer profile

St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) is Australia’s largest not-for-profit Catholic health and aged care provider. It has 27 facilities, including six public hospitals, eight private hospitals, 13 aged care facilities and four co-located research institutes.

Business challenge

SVHA was using spreadsheets to collect and manage sustainability data from multiple sites and business units. This process was time-consuming, didn’t allow multiple user access and resulted in inaccurate data and reporting. SVHA needed a single system of record to streamline compliance reporting, and improve energy, carbon and environmental management.

Solution developed

SVHA adopted the Envizi Sustainability Reporting solution to track sustainability performance in 186 buildings across Australia.

Value created

Thanks to Envizi, SVHA has been able to take control of its diverse environmental data, and use analytics and forecasting to gain new insight into its performance. This will allow SVHA to increase energy and water efficiency and reduce consumption costs.

“Envizi has found that perfect balance between powerful data capture and analysis, and ease of use.”

Matthew Power, Group Manager, Energy and Environment, St Vincent’s Health Australia

Envizi for St Vincent’s

St Vincent’s transforms its approach to environmental management

St Vincent’s Health Australia (SVHA) has overcome a problem faced by many large, geographically dispersed organizations: how to collect diverse sustainability and energy data from multiple sources and sites and consolidate it into a single, accurate system of record.

The size and complexity of SVHA’s operations means it needs to collect a wide range of environmental and business data from various sites and disparate operational units. The need to consolidate this data into a singe user-friendly record system became urgent with the requirement to report energy use to the federal government through the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS).

Before adopting Envizi, SVHA had problems with data quality and integrity, as well as accuracy. The organization was collecting all emissions source consumption and financial data in spreadsheets. Business metric data was collected in other internal reporting systems at multiple locations, which made it impossible to rapidly compile data sets.

“We lacked the ability to examine the supporting data that was being used to assess our environmental impact,” says Matthew Power, SVHA’s Group Manager, Energy and Environment. “This undermined transparency, as SVHA was reticent about reporting environmental outcomes based on data that could not be confirmed as accurate or complete.”

SVHA also had very limited data analysis and forecasting capabilities.

“When undertaking reporting of any kind the response was always in the form of total figures,” says Power. “This didn’t allow us to analyse the data or generate meaningful information to allow trend analysis or benchmarking.”

In addition, it was impossible for multiple users to simultaneously access the spreadsheets. It became clear that SVHA needed a centralised data management solution that allowed multiple user access and improved data reporting and analysis.

Envizi delivers a new level of insight

Using Envizi’s Sustainability Reportign solution, SVHA can now track and report on sustainability metrics in 186 buildings across its portfolio, and better manage its environmental and business performance.

Envizi brings SVHA’s water, electricity and waste data together in a single system of record. It gives the organization powerful tools to manage and report on data, set and track performance targets and monitor and benchmark performance across building attribute and utility data.

Taking control of diverse and distributed data

With Envizi, SVHA has a robust, auditable single system of record for all its sustainability data, allowing it to break down business silos and make smarter decisions based on accurate information. The organization now also has the insight it needs to increase energy and water efficiency and reduce consumption costs.

“Envizi allows rapid assessment of the quality and robustness of the data,” says Power. “It also provides robust tools to confirm the accuracy of the data and to pinpoint inaccuracies rapidly. This was one of the fundamental requirements SVHA placed on any system when undertaking the selection process.”

Transforming reporting processes

Envizi supports an efficient compliance reporting process and provides tailored reports and dashboards, freeing up users to spend more time on strategic business activities.

“The transformation, both in terms of the efficiency in how we collect data and how reliable it is, cannot be overstated, but ultimately it is the transformation in our reporting that has most impressed,” says Power. “With Envizi, SVHA can now actively manage its environmental performance.”

Engaging stakeholders with targeted insights

With its intuitive, user-friendly system, Envizi has enabled SVHA to better engage stakeholders in sustainability and business reporting.

“Many systems have robust data mining capabilities but alienate high level users by being very user unfriendly, while others are simplistic and don’t allow in-depth analysis,” says Power. “Envizi has found that perfect balance between powerful data capture and analysis, and ease of use.”

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