Solar Monitoring

Envizi’s Solar Monitoring (SM) module – part of our Energy Management solution – helps you to track, visualize and analyze the energy production, cost savings and return on investment generated by solar PV assets across your portfolio.


  • Access both a portfolio-wide and granular view of all solar assets.
  • Gain deeper insight into the impact solar is having on your consumption of electricity from the grid.
  • Increase accountability by tracking and reporting performance against a business case, supplier performance guarantee.
  • Accurately measure and verify ROI.
  • Reduce downtime through automated system monitoring.


  • Dashboards with embedded analytics to visualize and analyze solar generation, consumption and export metrics.
  • Comparison of actual solar generation against expected based on solar irradiation data.
  • Automatic calculation of savings and revenue from solar generation using time-of-use tariffs.
  • System-generated alerts to monitor operational performance of solar assets.

Download: Solar Monitoring Brochure


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