Major retail shopping center

Over $50k energy cost savings opportunities identified over the first eight weeks of operation

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Building demographics

  • Retail floor area: 70,804m2 over 3 levels
  • Approx. 185 stores & services
  • Johnson Controls BMS


  • Complex and energy intensive HVAC systems with limited equipment-level transparency
  • Root causes of energy wasted difficult to detect and diagnose due to high number of distributed assets and time-poor facilities management staff

Envizi solution

Key insights

  • Opportunities to reduce peak demand charges
  • Equipment operating out of hours (OAF/TEF/KEF/GEF)
  • Equipment start/stop times not optimized (AHU scheduling)
  • Motors operating at excessive speeds (SAF’s not turning down)
  • Economy cycle dampers not being fully utilized (AHU’s)
  • Heating & cooling control valves leaking (several AHU’s)
  • Inefficient chiller and boiler staging strategies
  • Leaving condenser water set-point not resetting (CT’s)
  • Sensor failures


  • Enabled the energy consultant to gain much greater coverage with less resources
  • All savings available to be realized through low-cost fine tuning measures (no CAPEX)
  • Expected increase in asset value through OPEX reduction (reduced energy costs)

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