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$2.1m of energy waste identified and savings of $133,000 across the 20 worst performing sites

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Building Demographics

  • 1,100 branches
  • 100m2 – 1,500m2


  • Large number of small sites with $20m aggregated energy spend
  • No visibility to energy performance across the portfolio
  • Energy waste difficult to detect and diagnose due to time-poor FM staff and lack of systems to easily manage and analyze energy data

Envizi solution

Key insights

  • The majority of this opportunity can be addressed by active management targeting signature behaviors responsible for energy waste.
    – Facilities running on weekends
    – Facilities running out of hours (base load energy anomalies)
  • A number of branches had been running 24×7 unbeknown to management
  • The role of the facility management company and their service levels requires review – particularly SLA’s for energy management


  • Enables the FM teams to better target their energy efficiency efforts and get much better results with the same resources
  • All savings available to be realized through low-cost fine tuning measures (no CAPEX) in ordinary course of business

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