Interval Meter Monitoring

Envizi’s Interval Meter Monitoring module – part of our Energy Management solution – consolidates interval meter data from utility meter providers and sub-metering systems into a single, vendor and hardware agnostic platform that simplifies and standardizes the monitoring of electricity, gas and water across your building and equipment portfolios.


  • Access stranded, granular data from dispersed meters.
  • Avoid manual data capture.
  • Consolidate data from multiple providers (electricity, gas and water) and hardware devices (BMS, gateway devices) in a single platform.
  • Create a complete, accurate, granular data set that can be leveraged for further analysis.
  • Leverage your investment in metering infrastructure.


  • Configurable and flexible meter hierarchies.
  • Alert set up and monitoring capability.
  • Interval data visualization tools including graphs, tables and charts.
  • Missing data reports to track data quality and completeness.
  • Integrate weather and temperature data to normalize data.

Download: Interval Meter Monitoring Brochure


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