Video: GRESB Reporting with Envizi

Video: GRESB Reporting with Envizi

Streamline your GRESB reporting with Envizi. Collect, manage and submit asset-level data directly to GRESB all within Envizi.

Video transcript

Many of our real estate clients participate in the global real estate sustainability benchmark, or GRESB, to communicate their ESG performance to investment managers. GRESB reporting is complex; it requires data from many different data sources such as utility accounts, meters, asset attributes, performance data, location ratings, and sometimes server data.

Collect, manage, and submit asset-level data directly to GRESB all within Envizi. With Envizi, you can use the GRESB Asset Summary dashboard to create new assets in GRESB, you can validate your data against GRESB validation rules, you can clear data from the GRESB portal for the current or previous period, you can enable or disable fields within an asset, so you only submit and validate the data types that you choose.

You can also monitor the API activity and confirm data was successfully sent to GRESB. You can also query the source of information from within Envizi using the Envizi Data Source columns, and finally, you can review your submission before sending it to GRESB for the current and previous periods.

At a group level, without touching the GRESB portal, you can use the GRESB Review dashboard to review submission completeness using a heatmap that tracks completed sections by asset. You can submit any amount of data to GRESB from one field within an asset to multiple assets with a single click.

You can also disable fields in bulk across a single section – one or many fields across one or many locations, or across current or previous periods. And finally, you can download the completed asset level spreadsheet within Envizi.

  • Date July 8, 2021
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