Guide: GHG Accounting & ESG Data

Guide: GHG Accounting & ESG Data

Emissions reduction targets have been set and pledges made.

Now it’s down to you and the team to start accounting for your organization’s sustainability data and GHG emissions – but where do you begin?

The calculation and reporting of emissions is not just required for internal tracking of performance, it is required by almost every ESG reporting framework.   However, the highly developed and deeply embedded processes that exist to capture and disclose financial data are not yet standard practice for ESG metrics like Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

In this publication we outline the steps to establishing finance-grade sustainability data, and unpack a best practice approach to calculating GHG emissions (including scope 3) for reporting and disclosure. 

GHG Emissions Accounting & ESG Data Management Guide

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  • Date November 29, 2021
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