Equipment Fault Detection

Envizi’s Equipment Fault Detection Module – part of our Building Optimization Solution – applies Envizi’s unique software-based metering and intelligent analytics to detect, diagnose and quantify energy wastage caused by equipment faults and operational inefficiencies.


  • Reduce energy cost through early identification of equipment faults and inefficiencies.
  • Reduce sub-metering costs using Softmeters (virtual meters).
  • Improve productivity of field-based teams through automated identification of faults.
  • Support operational decision-making with root-cause analysis of recurring faults.


  • Integration with Building Management Systems, giving you access to HVAC performance data.
  • Create software meters (Softmeters) to represent 15-minute interval demand and consumption profiles for HVAC equipment.
  • Apply a set of pre-defined analytical rules to automatically detect and diagnose faults and inefficiencies.
  • Workflow that captures root cause, impact and issue resolution.

Download: Equipment Fault Detection Brochure


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