How Envizi supports SEC’s proposed rules

How Envizi supports SEC’s proposed rules

Envizi’s existing suite of ESG reporting solutions are well placed to support SEC’s proposed rules announced in March 2022, by supporting organizations to meet stringent ESG reporting commitments within an auditable, single system of record built on the GHG Protocol.


Scope 1 & 2 emissions disclosure

Envizi’s Scope 1 and 2 GHG Accounting and Reporting module enables the automatic data capture from a variety of sources, performs robust GHG accounting aligned with the GHG Protocol, captures custom emissions factors, and manages market-based emissions calculations.

Envizi can meet the SEC’s requirement to express these emissions by disaggregated constituent greenhouse gases in the aggregate, in absolute terms, and in terms of intensity (per unit of economic value or production).

Scope 3 emissions disclosure

Envizi’s Scope 3 GHG Accounting and Reporting module enables the capture of upstream and downstream GHG emissions data, calculates emissions using a robust analytics engine and categorizes emissions by value chain supplier, data type, intensities and other metrics to support auditability.

Climate-related risks & impacts

Envizi’s ESG Reporting Frameworks module manages the people, processes, external references and supporting documents required to:

  • respond to disclosures about climate risk and impacts
  • respond to disclosures about the governance associated with assessing those climate-related risks and impacts.
Climate related risk management

Climate-related targets and goals

Envizi’s Sustainability Program Tracking module manages the disclosure of targets and goals, including tracking the progress and impact of programs such as CO2 emissions, waste and water, social initiatives and others.

Managing offsets and RECs

If carbon offsets or renewable energy certificates (RECs) have been used, information about the carbon offsets or RECs, including the amount of carbon reduction represented by the offsets or the amount of generated renewable energy represented by the RECs, can be tracked in Envizi.

Envizi - Categorize renewable power usage - ESG Sustainability Reporting Software (2)

Alignment with TCFD

Envizi’s ESG Reporting Frameworks module includes pre-built templates aligned with frameworks such as TCFD, SASB, and GRI, which can be used as a reference point for managing a set of SEC disclosures.  When the proposed disclosures have been finalized by SEC, Envizi will create a standard SEC disclosure template with links to specific disclosures in other frameworks to streamline disclosures to multiple frameworks.

Envizi - framework library

Scenario analysis

Envizi’s Sustainability Program Tracking module supports the ability to track ESG and sustainability initiatives such as water and waste programs and community initiatives, along with the financial savings of those programs to monitor progress.

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  • Date March 25, 2022
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