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Envizi co-created: Energetics takes energy management to the next level

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Partner profile

Founded in 1984, Energetics is an innovative management consultancy that helps large and complex organizations address the challenges of rising energy costs and manage carbon emissions.

Business need

Energetics was using its own bespoke software platform, but wanted to partner with an industry-leading software provider to enhance its services and give customers new ways to cut energy costs and carbon emissions.

Envizi partnership

Energetics is a ‘super user’ of the Envizi platform, using Envizi for Sustainability and Envizi for Energy to underpin its services. The two companies also work collaboratively on joint client engagements.

Value created

Energetics and Envizi have successfully combined market-leading software and services to solve major energy management and sustainability reporting challenges for their joint customers.

Envizi + Energetics

Envizi + Energetics

When two market leaders team up, the results can be game-changing. That’s what happened with Energetics and Envizi joined forces, giving complex organizations a powerful new way to understand their energy use, deploy new cost-saving initiatives and minimize their carbon footprint.

Energetics is an innovative management consultancy helping organizations address the challenges of rising energy costs and manage carbon emissions. Their customers include more than half of the ASX 200 companies, as well as other large national and international organizations.

Energetics operates in three broad areas, bringing software and services together to help customers:

  • implement energy-saving or energy-generation initiatives based on energy data
  • buy energy better and minimize overall costs through effectively applying tariffs and procurement contracts
  • take control of their energy data to measure and report on consumption and sustainability, and optimize energy use.

Energetics was using its own bespoke software platform, but realized there were greater benefits in being software agnostic and working with an industry-leading software provider.

“The discipline of energy management is moving towards a software-led approach, where the energy data is increasingly vast and granular,” says David Martenson, Head of Energetics’ Data Management group.

Working in partnership

When seeking a software partner in 2012, Energetics identified Envizi as the leading platform. Energetics was impressed with Envizi’s ranking by Verdantix in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant for both energy management and sustainability reporting.

“Our customers not only want to manage their energy properly, but to report as well, in line with a range of different reporting regimes,” says Martenson. “It’s not easy to find software in a single platform that can satisfy both those corporate needs at the same time.

Energetics was also impressed with Envizi’s rich set of specialist tools for energy partners to use, with Martenson highlighting the Tariff Engine and Tariff Library components.

Energetics is now a ‘super user’ of Envizi’s platform, using Envizi for Energy and Envizi for Sustainability to underpin its services. These include consulting services to assess and measure energy projects, and ongoing operational monitoring of energy consumption.

Energetics and Envizi take a joint go-to-market approach, with both organizations engaging with customers and Energetics’ services tightly integrated with Envizi’s software.

“Envizi has a strong product roadmap, with aspirations to tackle an even larger portion of the energy management challenge and continue to build additional capability to deliver to its customers and partners,” says Martenson.

Value created

After becoming partners in early 2013, Envizi and Energetics quickly grew their joint customer base – unusual in an industry where customer engagements are typically long-term and the contractual negotiation and decision-making process often lengthy.

Martenson points to the power that comes from two market leaders working in partnership.

“Organizations that are doing well in the market have a halo effect – which goes both ways for Envizi and Energetics,” he says.

Envizi has given Energetics and its customers greater insight into their energy use, and a powerful new lever for reducing energy costs and increasing efficiencies.

“One of the cornerstones of making good energy decisions is having the right information available, so that you know which assets are and are not performing well, how they are performing and the variations in that performance over time,” says Martenson.

The integration of sustainability reporting and energy management in one platform is another major benefit, helping customers cut costs.

“Our customers don’t just want to be able to report on energy consumption, they also want to be able to set reduction targets and reduce costs. In fact, the cost savings achieved provide a funding model to justify the investment made in software and services,” says Martenson.

“Partnering with the right software companies is very important to our future, as software becomes increasingly important in the energy management field.”

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