Video: CDP Climate PowerReport

Video: CDP Climate PowerReport

A single PowerReport to answer all quantitative questions in the CDP Climate questionnaire

Video transcript

Many of our corporate clients respond to the CDP climate questionnaire each year to report on their greenhouse gas emissions. CDP reporting is complex; it requires data from many different sources such as utility accounts, meters, performance data, sustainability initiatives, and emissions targets.

Envizi is pleased to announce the inclusion of the new CDP PowerReport in our sustainability reporting module. This PowerReport combines all quantitative questions into one report to save you time, improve accuracy, and simplify the reporting requirements around market-based emissions. With Envizi, use the CDP PowerReport to read the guidance on how best to respond to emissions-related short answer questions, report your sustainability initiatives in line with CDP structure, break down your scope 3 emissions according to the 15 categories laid out in the GHD protocol, break down emissions by scope, data type, group, location, and region.

You can view your Scope 2 emissions inventory and compare market-based and location-based emissions. You can review emission factors for your organization to ensure accurate emissions reporting.

You can also use this report to prepare for next year by reviewing emission sources and consider additional areas within your business that can be included in your Scope 3 supply chain, and get a greater understanding of your market-based emissions and how they compare to your traditional location-based electricity emissions.

And finally, look for other ways to improve your score by reviewing emissions intensities, cost, and other metrics contained in the report.

  • Date June 17, 2021
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