Building Energy Performance Analytics

Envizi’s Building Energy Performance Analytics (BEPA) module – part of our Building Optimization solution – helps improve the energy performance of your buildings by putting the right information into the hands of the right people, empowering them to take swift action and deliver both efficiencies and cost savings.


  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  • Improve accountability and operational effectiveness of contractors and field-based teams.
  • Support operational decision-making with root-cause analysis of issues.
  • Protect investment in plant and equipment with
    optimized maintenance schedules.


  • Derive an expected performance profile for all meters and sub-meters using historical or externally modelled data.
  • Set expected performance profiles at a granular interval level by day and week, including allowance for holidays.
  • Compare actual with expected performance at a building level or down to individual meters, including weather normalization.
  • Receive alerts that highlight variances in expected performance profiles.
  • Calculate energy wastage from anomalies, including financial impact.
  • Leverage workflow tools to capture the root cause, impact and resolution of issues.

Download: Building Energy Performance Analytics Brochure


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