Video: Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics

Video: Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics

To make strategic energy management decisions you need performance insights that make like-for-like comparisons of the energy performance of your buildings. This is challenging for portfolios of small to medium sites as meter data is copious and dispersed.

Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics helps senior executives with a geographically spread building portfolio determine where to focus their energy reduction efforts. Find out more in this video.

Video transcript

Introducing Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics, a new tool from Envizi that helps senior executives pinpoint the buildings across their portfolio with the highest savings potential.

Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics is ideal for senior managers who are responsible for energy or sustainability across a large portfolio of small to medium-size buildings. Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics brings together electricity and gas meter data, along with dynamic variables such as floor area, operating hours, weather conditions, and rates of production; and uses this information to normalize energy intensities to allow like-for-like comparisons within the building cohorts.

For each cohort, we apply automated regression models to calculate the benchmark and identify the worst-performing sites. We then calculate the cost, emission, and consumption savings potentials to bring these outliers back in line with the norm.

In a single dashboard, you can compare the energy intensity of all buildings across a portfolio and rank them by energy cost and emissions savings potential.

  • Date September 25, 2020
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