Asset Performance Monitoring (IoT)

Envizi’s Asset Performance Monitoring (IoT) module – part of our Building Optimization solution – leverages low-cost, Internet of Things sensors to access real-time equipment performance, energy consumption and building environmental data, so you can support a smarter, data-driven facilities and maintenance strategy.


  • Gain greater transparency into asset operations across portfolios to make information easily accessible and support smarter decision-making.
  • Monitor indoor environments to ensure conditions are maintained within acceptable limits for the comfort, wellbeing and satisfaction of building occupants.
  • Automatically detect and diagnose equipment faults so technicians can quickly respond to issues, minimize truck rolls and be better prepared for site attendance.
  • Reduce energy cost through early identification of equipment faults and inefficiencies.


  • Consolidates equipment and asset-level data into a single platform. Information captured includes (but not limited to) energy consumption, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, noise and vibration.
  • Integration with multiple IoT platforms at the system level or in the cloud.
  • Apply a set of pre-defined fault detection rules to identify likely causes of anomalies.
  • Workflow management tools that capture root cause, impact and issue resolution.