Airport terminal building

Over $100k energy cost savings measured & verified over the first 12 months

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Building demographics

  • Domestic terminal building
  • > 200,000 m2 floor area
  • Legacy Honeywell BMS
  • Distributed air handling systems
  • Centralized water-side plant


  • Complex and energy intensive HVAC assets
  • Lacked equipment-level energy transparency
  • Difficult to detect and diagnose energy wastage
  • No way of verifying the financial benefit of maintenance services and optimization strategies

Envizi solution

  • Equipment Fault Detection Module
  • Software metering deployed on 50 of the largest AHU’s and RAF’s in the Terminal Building

Key insights

  • Equipment operating 24 x 7 when not required
  • Supply air pressure reset strategies not implemented on VAV AHU’s
  • Opportunity to implement heating and cooling stop time optimization to reduce thermal energy usage at the end of each day
  • Outdoor air dampers open during cold/hot days when CO2 levels are well below 700ppm, causing mechanical energy to be wasted
  • Economy cycle dampers not being utilized for free cooling during favorable ambient conditions


  • Several areas of energy wastage found in first months of operation
  • Demonstrated ability to monitor and analyze aged legacy BMS system
  • Demonstrated the value that data analytics can provide over and above programmed maintenance

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