AGL is a publicly listed Australian energy utility. Established in 1837, it’s one of the country’s oldest companies. AGL operates retail and merchant energy businesses, power generation assets and an upstream gas portfolio.


AGL didn’t have a reporting platform available for its customers, instead providing customers with data when they requested it. The utility wanted to give its customers a better way to capture and report on their energy data.


Envizi and AGL co-developed AGL Insight, AGL’s energy management and carbon reporting solution, on Envizi’s Energy and Sustainability software platform. AGL and Envizi continue to jointly develop, support and deliver AGL Insight to business customers.


Envizi’s software platform and data capture capabilities gave AGL the flexibility it needed to develop an integrated, industry-leading solution for its customers. AGL Insight helps AGL’s customers capture, visualize and report on their energy use and carbon emissions data, and improve energy efficiency and productivity.



More and more businesses are recognizing energy as a controllable cost. To put the power back in the hands of its customers, AGL developed an energy management and carbon reporting system with Envizi. The platform is giving thousands of businesses a new level of insight into energy use – and a new tool for improving energy efficiency.

One of Australia’s oldest companies, AGL Energy Ltd is a publicly listed energy utility and an ASX 50 company. It operates retail and merchant energy businesses, power generation assets and an upstream gas portfolio.

One of AGL’s key differentiators is its specialized energy services for large business customers. Within its AGL Energy Services business unit, a national team of 80 engineers, scientists and technicians delivers energy-efficiency programs and solutions.

When the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Scheme (NGERS) was introduced, AGL wanted to give its customers a better way to capture and report on energy data.

“We didn’t have a reporting platform available for our customers; instead, we provided customers with their data on an ‘as requested’ basis,” says Travis Hughes, Manager Energy Programmes (Energy Services), AGL.


AGL evaluated four providers before choosing Envizi as its partner in 2009.

“Envizi really shone through,” says Hughes. “We were impressed with the flexibility of the Envizi platform, in particular the flexibility of the data it can receive, and that has proven to be a real benefit for us over the journey.”

In 2010, AGL Energy Services introduced AGL Insight, an energy management and carbon reporting system for its business customers, based on Envizi’s Energy and Sustainability software platform. The initial solution provided carbon and energy reporting, and was later expanded to include energy management. Working with Envizi, AGL integrated energy consumption data from its customers’ sites with invoice data from its SAP billing system.

“We currently have in excess of 25,000 customer sites utilizing AGL Insight,” says Hughes. “It’s a service that scales to our largest multi-site customers, helping them to understand their energy consumption and performance across thousands of sites.”

The AGL and Envizi partnership is characterized by a collaborative approach, from software development and delivery to sales and customer service. Envizi also works directly with AGL’s customers on implementing enhancements to the AGL Insight platform.

“We share a high degree of trust between the sales teams and the delivery and development teams,” says Hughes. “Envizi understands our drivers, AGL’s customers and the relationship we have with them.”


AGL Insight is an important differentiator for AGL’s energy productivity services, which naturally flow from the data visualization the platform provides.

“No other energy retailer can provide data visualization to their customers as easily as we do. We can do it at literally the push of a button,” says Hughes.

AGL Insight has also enabled the company to stand out in the highly competitive multi-site space.

“AGL Insight removes some of the uncertainty or ‘unknown’ from our customers. If you have 100 sites and want to know if they have all been invoiced – it answers that question for you,” says Hughes.

For AGL’s customers, AGL Insight provides a single solution to understand their energy consumption, identify the need for an energy-efficiency solution, track the progress of an energy productivity project or benchmark results.

One AGL Insight user is a buying group with 175 members who contract their energy across more than 13,000 locations. The group tracks energy spend across the whole contract, using it for forecasting and for energy management across similar types of sites. AGL Insight allows the group to keep on top of its energy portfolio, which is large, complex and ever changing.

The partnership with Envizi has provided AGL with a new way to stand out in the market and deliver new value to its customers.

“AGL Insight gives us the ability to identify anomalies and opportunities with our customers, so that we can be more proactive in adding value to their business,” says Hughes.