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Reactive maintenance and other traditional HVAC maintenance strategies were not proving effective to reduce energy consumption in a large hospital building. The HVAC services provider sought a quick, cost effective way to identify equipment faults and energy savings opportunities for the hospital.

Using the power of analytics, Envizi’s Equipment Fault Detection derives real-time performance profiles for HVAC equipment using software metering (‘SoftMeters‘) and applies preconfigured rules that automatically detect and diagnose the most common, costly faults and optimization opportunities – no physical submetering required.

Over USD40,000 energy cost savings opportunities identified within the first 8 weeks of operation


  • Inpatients Services Building
  • Floor area: approx. 20,000m2 over 12 levels
  • Operates 24 x 7
  • Includes patient wards, operating theatres, isolation rooms, back of house facilities, carpark
  • Siemens Apogee BMS


  • Experienced a significant increase in utility cost rates – need to reduce consumption to offset costs
  • Time poor engineering staff – no way of proactively identifying faults or cost saving opportunities (highly reactive)
  • Limited transparency of how HVAC systems were performing or where energy was being used


  • Equipment Fault Detection Module + Software metering deployed on 98 items of HVAC equipment (35 x Air Handling Units, 42 x Fans, 9 x Pumps, 3 x Chillers, 6 x Cooling Tower fans, 3 x Boilers)


  • Theatre AHU’s and RAF’s operating at full speed 24 x 7 – opportunity for theatre staff turn down when in standby mode using local overrides
  • Car park fans operating when not required (very low CO levels)
  • Opportunity to turn down Ward AHU’s during off-peak times
  • Economy cycle dampers not being fully utilized across Wards & Theatres
  • Unstable heating and cooling control loops on Theatre AHU’s
  • Simultaneous heating and cooling in areas that don’t require dehumidification
  • Heating hot water pump operating for extended periods when associated boiler is off
  • All condenser water pumps operating for extended periods associated chillers are off


  • Enabled the Engineering team to gain much greater transparency of energy usage, faults and optimization
  • Significant savings already being realised through implementing low-cost BMS fine tuning strategies (no CAPEX)
  • Opportunity to expand technology to cover 5 additional hospitals in portfolio