Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics from Envizi

As a senior executive with responsibility for a geographically spread building portfolio of small to medium sites, the absence of relative performance data makes it’s difficult to take anything but a tactical approach to energy management.  Envizi has addressed this challenge with Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics.  If you can access meter data for your sites, Envizi can support you to compare relative energy performance across your real estate portfolio.

– Senior executives with responsibility for extensive portfolios of small to medium sites are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs, meet emissions reduction goals and deliver efficiency gains. They know there are opportunities for improvement, but they have no way of comparing their buildings, understanding where to focus to achieve the best ROI or, or knowing how to determine the size of the prize. –

Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics supports you to take  a more strategic approach to energy management at the portfolio level.


Senior executives need to understand the savings potential across their portfolio and where to focus time, resources, OPEX or CAPEX to achieve the best return on investment BEFORE performing expensive audits and deploying operational tools. Otherwise, significant time and money can be wasted chasing diminishing returns.

There’s no question that advances in data capture and analysis technologies have facilitated more modern fault detection techniques and tools that help pinpoint actions required in single buildings, but these tools typically rely on BMS data, which is not available for the average small to medium site. The solution for this type of building portfolio lies in making use of an under utilised, but valuable resource – meter data – and taking a top-down approach.


Envizi extracts insights from meter data to deliver Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics, a software-driven solution to support a strategic approach to managing your building portfolio.  In a single dashboard, the tool compares the energy intensity (both electricity and gas) of all buildings in your portfolio and ranks them by energy, cost and emissions savings potential so you can prioritise action based on ROI.

Historically companies with portfolios of small to medium sites have either avoided benchmarking all together, or have conducted labour intensive analysis of invoice data which can, at best, deliver a crude, one dimensional view of portfolio-level energy analysis as it’s unable to take into account the many variables that impact energy consumption and energy intensity such as weather and energy time of use.


Envizi’s Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics calculates intensity metrics using granular data to assess building performance, bringing together time series interval meter data with dynamic variables such as floor area, operating hours, weather conditions and even rates of production (where appropriate).

The software processes groups of like buildings into cohorts in order to calculate benchmark intensities for each cohort.  Envizi’s Portfolio Analytics then applies automated regression models across each cohort to identify buildings demonstrating intensity outside the group norm.  Once the outliers have been identified the software calculates the savings potential by monetizing the difference between these outliers and the benchmark and what impact bringing them in line with the norm would have in terms of potential cost, emissions and consumption savings.

This software will be of most use to senior managers with portfolio responsibility for energy or sustainability.  Envizi’s Portfolio Benchmarking Analytics is best suited to organisations that operate large portfolios of small to medium sized commercial buildings that have utility interval meters (or sub-meters) installed.